Zhang Fan, Secretary of the Mawei District Committee, and his party went to Zhongyan Technology for research

  • 2021-11-11
     On November 10, 2021, Zhang Fan, Secretary of the Mawei District Party Committee, and his party went to Zhongyan Technology for research.

      On behalf of Zhongyan Technology, General Manager Wu Bin first thanked the district government and district leaders for their strong support for the development of Zhongyan Enterprise, and then Wu Bin gave a detailed introduction to the company's products, technology research and development, employment, and future development.

      "How about the current order?" "How is the enterprise benefit?" "What difficulties are there in production and operation?" After listening to the introduction, Secretary Zhang Fan asked carefully about some situations and pointed out that the company should increase investment in innovation and improve technological innovation capabilities , improve the technological content and added value of products, upgrade to informatization, automation, and intelligence, and enhance the ability to resist market risks; at the same time, it is emphasized that relevant departments should strengthen the connection with enterprises; help solve problems in a timely manner; Do a good job in the implementation of national and regional measures to stabilize growth and encourage enterprise innovation, guide and help potential and powerful enterprises to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and increase orders, so as to better support the high-quality development of the Mawei economy.

      At the research site, the excellent appearance and craftsmanship spirit of Zhongyan people left a deep impression on the leaders. At present, the company is accelerating the implementation of the smart motor production line project, introducing the country's leading smart motor R&D team and supporting equipment, and further developing towards smart manufacturing.

      District leaders: Lin Qunhui, Lin Jianhao, Director of the District Committee Office Yao Xingli, Director of the Development and Reform Bureau Zhong Yifeng, Director of the Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau Weng Jie, Director of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau Zheng Jianxin, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Resources and Regulations Gao Shangneng, Deputy Director of the Finance Bureau Lin Jianbin, Zhang Xiang, director of the center, Yang Wu, director of the Investment Service Center of the Export Office, and Lian Yong, the mayor of Tingjiang Town, accompanied the investigation.
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